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BADBOY Blasters, Inc. has created this web site to be user friendly.  Please click on any of the photos listed on our home page and you will be directed to the series of sandblasters &/or air compressors that you're interested in.  For all other products please click on the navigation bar to the left.  If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to call our office.


BADBOY Blasters, Incorporated: A Trusted Provider of Affordable Sand and Soda Blasting Machine Cabinets and Accessories

High-quality sand and soda blasting machines for abrasive blast projects are not always the easiest things to find. And if this is exactly what you're in search of, then BADBOY Blasters, Inc. is for you.

A family owned company backed with determination, thorough research, attention to detail, and unfaltering commitment to serving the interest of its clients, our company is trusted by many when it comes to exceptional and affordable sand and soda blasting machine cabinets. Truth is, some of our products are even featured in Graveyard Carz, Velocity's reality TV series on car care and restoration. With such level of trust given by professionals and industry experts, BADBOY Blasters has undoubtedly become the top choice in the market.

We also recognize that offering the best-quality products for abrasive blast works won't amount to anything in absence of outstanding customer relations. Here at BADBOY Blasters, we also take pride in providing our clientele with supreme service and sales support, leaving every customer fully satisfied.

Quality Blasting Equipment for Sale

Your sand and soda blasting needs are now answered. On this website, you will find the highest-quality blasting cabinets and accessories in the market. BADBOY Blaster's catalog of offerings includes best-selling collections for sale, such as The BADDEST Series, The Premier Series, The Beast Series, The Tornado Series, The Extreme Series, and The Magnum Series. For your greater convenience, we also offer affordable vacuum blast equipment, blasting media and abrasives, air compressors, and even custom-built sandblasters. Browse through our website and we guarantee that you will find just what you need.

You may send your order via facsimile at 330 454 9690, or you may call us at phone number 330 454 2699. We accept payments with PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express eCheck. For all PayPal transactions, please direct your payment to


BADBOY apparel coming soon!

Welcome and thank you for visiting our web site!
BADBOY Blasters, Incorporated is a family owned company that has been established with much determination, research, and commitment.  At BADBOY Blasters, Inc. we pride ourselves on providing customers with supreme quality products, expert technical and sales support, and superior customer service.  You may order from us by facsimile or directly by phone.  We will make every effort to insure your experience with us is a productive and pleasant one.

The Premier Series


We take enormous pride in our premier quality products, our attention to detail, and in ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied.  At BADBOY Blasters, Inc. one of our top priorities is to gain the confidence and respect of our customers.  We welcome you to browse through our web site and hope to achieve a trusting and long term business relationship with you.

Air Compressors


The Extreme Series


                                                The Warrior Series


Direct Pressure Cabinet Series


For all sales and technical expertise questions, please call our office and ask for Mark Cain.  You may also contact him directly on his cellular mobile.  330-413-5262

If we don't have exactly what you're looking for ~ we will custom build it.

The Maxum Series


Blasting Media & Abrasives


We proudly accept the following methods of payment:

Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!

MasterCardVisaDiscoverAmerican ExpresseCheck

For all PayPal transactions please use the following address:

Navitas Lease Corporation: (apply online by clicking the link below & receive an answer in about one hour)

Gift Certificates Now Available

The BADDEST Series



The Beast Series


BADBOY Blasters, Inc. sells only the highest quality Sandblasters available on the market.  Choose from our free standing to our portable styles allowing the uppermost convenience to you.  In addition to our Specialty in Sandblasters, we offer Pallet Jacks, Parts Washers, BADBOY Air Compressors, and Replacement Nozzles, Hoses, Mylar Window Covers, Lined Gloves, Hand Guns, Foot Controls, and Media & Abrasives.  All of our merchandise carries a warranty against defects and craftsmanship.  If you have any special requests, please let us know and we'll do our best to try and accommodate you.  Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

                                                                                                              Wheel Blasting Cabinet


The Magnum Series

Custom Built Sandblasters


Blast Cabinets With Turn Tables


The Premier Plus Series


                                               The Tornado Series




Vacuum Blasters


At BADBOY Blasters, Inc. we offer exceptional quality sandblasters.  We appreciate you taking a moment to visit our web site and review our products.

Ask us about our special sandblaster & air compressor packages!

BADBOY Blasters, Inc. ®

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