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For all sandblasting accessories &/or replacement parts, please call our office and ask for Amanda Taurone.


Cloth Lined Gloves

BADBOY sandblasting gloves are used in all of our industrial blasters.  These gloves are cloth lined.  This aides in eliminating excess persperation while making it easier to maintain and hold onto the item(s) that you are blasting.  These gloves are very comfortable to wear.  All of the fingers on these gloves are produced with a bumpy-like rigid material making it so much easier to grasp onto part(s) you are sandblasting.  These particular gloves can be used in a cabinet with the depth of 22 to 28 inches. 
Sale Price $29.95


Blast Cabinet Gun Kit

  • High Preformance Gun
  • 28" media hose
  • BADBOY exclusive media pickup tube
  • Three blasting nozzles

BADBOY sandblasting guns are used in all of our industrial blasters.  This gun is the best of quality and has a low pressure trigger making it easy on the fingers when operating.  These are made of an all aluminum contruction for long life.  The guns' venture is designed for maximum media suction at a lower pressure than most guns.  This gun works well from 90 to 120 PSI depending upon your blasting requirements.  The pickup tube is a BADBOY exclusive design and is made in such a way that the media has a consistant flow.

Sale Price $49.95

Industrial Foot Control, Blasting Gun, and Pickup Tube Kit


The foot control is constructed with a 12 gage steel and a heavy full brass body air jet.  The inlet and outlet are 1/2 NPT and sold with 1/2 hose barbs inlet and outlet.  Our blasting gun comes with 4 nozzles and a 1/2 hose barb to connect your air supply.  This gun is used in every blaster we build.  Also included is a BADBOY exclusive ported pickup tube designed by BADBOY Blasters.  This design elimanates the surging of media and allows a consistant even flow of media.  The kit is all industial and is made for everday useage.

Priced at only $169.95


Sandblasting Hood

BADBOY Blasters, PREMIUM blasting hood. The view lens is protected by a fine wire screen. Our SANDBLAST hood comes with a 90 day warranty.

Only $39.95


This is our most popular model for sandblasting guns and is used in all of our industrial cabinets. It comes with 4 nozzles and a 1/2 hose barb to connect your air supply.  This sandblast gun will consume anything from corn cob, glass bead, black beauty, soda, aluminum oxide, urethane, and polyester just to name a few.  We do not recommend using silica sand in any blast cabinet.  Silica sand produces a hazardous dust.

Sale Price $69.95


This DEADMAN blasting gun is totally safe as it is spring loaded.  If you would drop this gun while blasting it will shut off automatically. The hose size is 1.063 OD and there are 6 screws that attach the hose to the gun.

Only $79.95


Our Industrial Foot Control is constructed with a 12 gage steel and a heavy full brass body air jet.  This foot control is used in every blaster we build all the way up to our BB9000XLD.  You will not find a heavier built foot control on the market.

Sale Price $99.95

We also sell:

 Mylar Window Covers for a pack of four $10.00

Carbide Nozzles for $89.00 each

Ceramic Nozzles for a pack of four $10.00

BADBOY Blasters, Inc. ®

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